Ken's Bingo

People that have visited this site in the past will be well aware of my bingo program that has been around now for many years in different versions, well here is the latest incarnation.

I was recently asked if it was possible to make a personalized version bearing the company logo of the person running it.

So here it is, a completely new version, on this one the program runs in full screen mode, with no windows frame visible, this is much better if you are running and showing the game on large multiple screens around the venue.

Because there is no windows frame showing, you have to close the window by pressing the "Esc" key, otherwise it is exactly the same as before, the "Space Bar" advances you through the game, drawing the next number, the "C" takes you to the check screen, the "R" resets the game to start again, and the "B" will step the game backwards to show the recently called numbers.

As you can see on the above screenshot, it is now showing branding of "Ken's Bingo" this is just an example, if you wish to have branding you simply add an image file called "Kens Bingo.png"  into the folder where the bingo software is located, this is "Program Files (x86) / Kens Bingo" on my windows 10 computer.

If you delete this image file the game runs exactly as it did in the past, you can create an image file with your company logo, name it "Kens Bingo.png", and you will have you own brand on the game.

You can download the latest version HERE and if you want the source code written in Python you can download it HERE a You Tube video is HERE.


Please also visit my you-tube channel "Ken Williams"