Ken's Morse

Image Of Morse Key

I decided it was time to brush up on my Morse code, I found plenty of software around to do this on Windows, but as a Linux user I did not find anything.

So I wrote this simple Morse tutor, It just generates random letters and number, nothing fancy.

You can select the speed, and change the spacing between words and characters, and that is about it.

I could have added options to generate letters, or numbers only, but decided not to, as in the real world when listening, you cannot do that, you have to decode whatever you are listening to.

Screen shot of software

This is what the program looks like in Linux, but as it has been written in Python, it will also run on Windows and other systems.

P0 is the padding between Morse Characters, and S0 is the padding between words.

A video demo is on You Tube HERE.

The Python source code is HERE

The Install file for the Windows version is HERE



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